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Business Coach  Business Coach

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Business Coach

Business Coaching
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#1 Wealth-Building Site - BEST WEALTH-BUILDING SITE offers over 1,000 resources, workshops,
wealth coaching, business coaching, media, mobile, design, marketing and PR solutions for executives, entrepreneurs and investors based on the best-selling business and personal finance
book, The Baron Son.
    The Ethical Guide to Wealth, Power & Success

    #1 Speaker and Wealth Coach - William R. Patterson

    Learn why top business and
    financial leaders all hail
    William R. Patterson's
    "The Ethical Guide to Wealth,
    Power, and Success."

    The Baron Solution Group is a Top 100 MBE® and an
    award-winning training, wealth coaching, business coaching, media and implementation services firm for investors, entrepreneurs and executives led by William R. Patterson. William is ranked as the #1 Business Motivational Speaker by and is also winner of twelve Web Awards for excellence including Best Speaker, Best Author, Best Business Advice and Development Site, and Best Wealth-Building Site. THE BARON SOLUTION integrates over 250 proven business and financial accelerators to help you rapidly achieve your organizational and personal goals.

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    Tom Peters - Chairman, Tom Peters Company
    "Remarkable—a challenging and satisfying guide to success through inspired strategic leadership."
    Tom Peters
    Tom Peters Company
    Bob Johnson - Founder, Black Entertainment Television, Inc.
    "A breakthrough approach in relating leadership principles that have long served those in commanding roles."
    Bob Johnson
    Black Entertainment Television, Inc.
    John L. Jacobs - Chief Marketing Officer, The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.
    "Everyone can benefit from this roadmap."
    John L. Jacobs
    Chief Marketing Officer
    The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.
    The Motley Fool
    "Great for the MBA students who are preparing to run America`s corporations."
    The Motley Fool
    Vi Brown - Fmr. National President, Society of Women Engineers
    "A must for those who are truly interested in improving their financial position."
    Vi Brown
    Fmr. National President
    Society of Women Engineers
    Arnold S. Goldstein - President, Arnold S. Goldstein & Associates, LLC
    "Offers fundamental and understandable strategies for creating successful business executives and building wealth."
    Arnold S. Goldstein, J.D., LL.M., Ph.D.
    Arnold S. Goldstein & Associates, LLC
    George C. Fraser
    "Provides brilliant insight, advice and a much needed message for creating the wealthy life you deserve."
    George C. Fraser
    Chairman & CEO
    FraserNet, Inc.
    Barry Kaye - Chairman, Barry Kaye Associates
    "Truly enlightening and inspirational for anyone at any level."
    Barry Kaye, CLU
    Barry Kaye Associates
    Les Brown
    "One of the most effective methodologies I have encountered for developing self-mastery."
    Les Brown
    Brian Tracy
    "We learn the most important lessons of life from stories and fables. "The Baron" carries this tradition to a new height."
    Brian Tracy
    *Featured in Forbes Book Club
    Black Enterprise
    "A compelling way to reveal how wealth-building strategies apply to everyday living."
    Black Enterprise
    weLead Online Magazine
    "...the teaching of leadership and business achievement from an exceptional perspective."
    weLead Online Magazine
    Joe Girard
    "Right on target. I love it, I love it."
    Joe Girard
    World's #1 Retail Salesperson as attested
    by the Guinness Book of World Records
    Al Ries - Chairman, Ries & Ries, Inc.
    "As a road map to wealth, power and success, The Baron Son is an allegorical tale that is as powerful in its own way as Who Moved My Cheese?"
    Al Ries
    Ries & Ries, Inc.
    John Kremer - Editor,  Book Marketing Update
    "Offers some of the best advice you`ll get anywhere or any time."
    John Kremer
    Book Marketing Update
    Royce Gracie - Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer
    "Motivation to develop a healthy attitude for all aspects of life."
    Royce Gracie
    Ultimate Fighting Championship
    World Champion and Hall of Famer
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    Wealth William R. Patterson in the Media

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Business Coaching

Business Coach


    BARON Business and Wealth Coaching

    Business Coaching
    With the benefit of expert guidance, you will learn how leverage over 250 business and financial accelerators to help rapidly build your million-dollar business.

    Wealth Coaching
    Learn the fastest way to pay off debt, build wealth, implement a sound money management plan, find additional savings, and sources of passive and residual income.

    Online Marketing
    From product and service line development to marketing and the administrative side of operating a web business, you will learn how to develop, plan, and implement a profitable online business model.

    Book Publishing & Marketing
    Receive step-by-step guidance to help you quickly create a best-selling book and develop a lucrative related product and service line.

    Direct Sales & Sales Team Development
    Learn how to build your direct sales business and organization the right way, recouping your startup and promotional costs faster and with higher returns.

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