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Many top business leaders, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs hail
The Baron Son as a remarkable breakthrough guide to self-mastery, leadership, and wealth-building. If you are ready to move your life or business to the next level, the products, services, and workshops offered on The Baron Series website will help you master the book’s compelling principles.

Bob Johnson - Founder, Black Entertainment Television, Inc.
"A breakthrough approach in relating leadership principles that have long served those in commanding roles."
Bob Johnson
Black Entertainment Television, Inc.
John L. Jacobs - Chief Marketing Officer, The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.
"Everyone can benefit from this roadmap."
John L. Jacobs
Chief Marketing Officer
The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.

“If a man achieves not success, it is for one of two reasons: either he does not know the methods by which to accomplish his aims, or he is afraid of the struggle to unleash his own power. One of those reasons has now been eliminated for you…” - The Baron Son

No one will ever care as much about your financial success as you do. You can hire professional advisors to assist you with planning and financial decision making, but ultimately, you are responsible for your financial future. Therefore, it is important to learn disciplined strategies of sound money management, investing, and business administration. The more you learn about these areas, the more confident you will be in selecting advisors, making investments, and handling your business and financial affairs.

Step 1 – Listen to THE BARON SOLUTION™ Wealth-Building Teleseminar
In this powerful recorded workshop, award-winning
wealth coaches William R. Patterson, Vicky Therese Davis, and D. Marques Patton, reveal:

  • A 5-step action plan for building wealth when you have limited resources
  • How a person who has no savings and lives paycheck-to-paycheck can still build wealth and prepare for retirement
  • How to overcome massive debt
  • The major vehicles for building wealth and passive income
  • What people who are very successful with managing money do differently than others
  • Five questions every person should be able to answer about their finances
  • Four questions every person should be able to answer about any company they invest in
  • How someone with a limited financial or business background can get started building wealth
  • Tips to help avoid bad investments

(Listen Now!)


Step 2 – Sign-up to Receive The Baron Series Newsletter and Podcast
In order to achieve financial success, you will need on-going support to help you develop the proper mindset and mastery of important wealth-building concepts and tools. The Baron Series Newsletter will provide you with sustaining support by offering invaluable information and resources that will help you build wealth, develop self-mastery, and enhance your entrepreneurial skills. You will also learn first about new BARON programs available that will help you accelerate your path to success and make and save more money.

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Step 3 – Determine Where You Are Now
You should begin by analyzing your current financial situation, as well as, the network of individuals you have available to assist you.

To asses your financial health, calculate the following:

  • Net Worth - Subtract your total liabilities from your total assets.

           Net Worth = Total Assets – Total Liabilities

  • Liquid Net Worth - Subtract your short term liabilities, and debts not tied to assets, from your assets that can be readily turned into cash (do not include real estate, business equity, personal property, automobiles, expected inheritances, or funds due to be paid for other purposes as part of your liquid assets).

           Liquid Net Worth = Liquid Assets – Short Term Liabilities and
           Debts Not Tied to Assets

  • Monthly Cash Flow - Subtract your monthly expenses from your monthly income.

           Monthly Cash Flow = Monthly Income – Monthly Expenses

Based on the above calculations, you now know where you stand financially and are able trace the sources and uses of your money. Equally important, since financial success does not happen alone, you should evaluate your network of associates to determine if there are individuals with specialized expertise that can help you on your path. Expertise implies just that–NOT “hot” investment tips from family and friends.

Step 4 – Establish Your Goals
All great things begin with clear vision and definite purpose. Whether your goal is few hundred dollars more in cash flow a month, or a multi-million dollar net worth, it is important that your goals be clearly defined in writing and have a realistic time frame. Writing down your goals will be key to your success.

Step 5 – Choose Appropriate Investment Vehicles
Taking into consideration your cash flow, current assets, financial goals, and established time frame, you are able to determine the rate of return necessary to achieve your financial goals. (See the Investing Calculators on our Resources page). Once you know the rate of return that is needed, you will have to seek out investment vehicles (e.g. real estate, stocks, privately owned businesses, etc.) earning that rate of return. You will then need to evaluate your knowledge and experience with that particular investment vehicle, the capital required to invest, and your ability to manage the risks associated.

You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose, or invest in things you do not understand or feel totally comfortable with. As everyone’s situation is different, any financial advice you act on should be tailored to your particular circumstances with the help of a professional advisor.

Step 6 – Periodically Evaluate Your Investments
You should always monitor the performance of your investments and compare them to your current needs and goals. Most markets are cyclical, and will experience some form of volatility. To avoid emotional decision making when selling your investments, recall why you made the particular investment and ask yourself whether anything fundamentally has changed. If not, consider sticking with the investment. If something has fundamentally changed, consider whether it is a temporary problem that can be corrected or a larger issue that requires you to quickly cut your losses.

Step 7 – Listen to the BARON Personal Finance Fundamentals Audio CD
This is one of the most important courses you will ever take! When it comes to your investments, understanding financial statements is as critical as knowing how to read or do basic math. This practical financial education will help to develop the habits of mind necessary to avoid debt, make more successful investments, and live an exceedingly comfortable lifestyle.

You will discover how to:

  • Create a personal financial statement to monitor income, expenses, cash flow and debt
  • Mirror the financial strategies used by Fortune 100 companies to improve your life
  • Understand financial statements without having to be an accountant
  • Read the three major financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow
  • Monitor existing investments and determine if companies are profitable before making any future investments

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