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"Tis not one’s failings alone that produce self-mastery, but studying the causes of such failure, coupled with the persistent application of new methods."




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Building Wealth Rapidly with Intellectual Property

In this powerful niche interview, business expert William R. Patterson shares an integrated financial model for every day individuals and authors to follow in order to build wealth. No matter if you are an author, poet, independent publisher, or an entrepreneur who markets products, you will learn invaluable insights that you can apply immediately.

Show topics:

  1. What it will take to become a millionaire
  2. How to increase your income
  3. How to build a six-figure business
  4. Free investing and money saving resources
  5. How to find a profitable small business opportunity that you can start today
  6. Book publishing and marketing success secrets that every author must know
  7. A five-step action plan for building wealth

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BARON Book Publishing and Marketing Success Secrets

Product Includes:
  • Dual Audio CD Set with Online Replay of Workshop
  • Access to Special Notes and Online Resources

Seminar Description:
Have you always wanted to write that "bestselling book," but don't know where to start or all the revenue opportunities available to you? Do you have an existing book, but are experiencing only lackluster sales? Have you struggled to get your book carried in stores and with online sales? Learn from the expert BARON Leadership Team a step-by-step process for creating a winning book concept, writing, producing, publishing, and marketing a quality book quickly and on a limited budget. Don't wait for fame to find you. Create your own success!

You will discover how to:

  • Avoid the 7 common mistakes that most new independent and mainstream authors make regarding contract negotiation, marketing, and distribution
  • Position your title to become a book club selection and/or "bestseller"
  • Get "big name" people to endorse and support your book
  • Produce and promote your book on a limited budget
  • Get radio, television, and print coverage for your book
  • Find the best distributors for your book(s)
  • Set-up live and virtual book tours to increase your profits
  • Make money abroad by selling or licensing rights to your book(s)
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BARON Book Publishing 4-Workshop Bundle
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