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William R. Patterson Shares
Wealth Coaching Success Story
(1:42 minutes)

Wealth CoachingHave you ever wondered why some people are able to become millionaires in less than five years, while others struggle their whole lives to achieve financial independence?

Discover the answer with BARON Wealth Coaching.

"With William as my wealth coach, in less than 16 months, I have generated more than $70,000 and developed the skills and confidence to realize greatness."
N. Kali Mincy
Washington, DC
"In our first 90-minute wealth coaching session, William helped me identify ten new streams of income that could triple my revenue in less than a year."
Merletta J. Martin
Merletta J. Martin Gallery

Wealth Coach William R. Patterson Helps You Find Money to InvestHow Anyone Can Find
$600-5,000 to Invest

By William R. Patterson

Tens-of-thousands of people around the world know that THE BARON SOLUTION is a workable strategy for moving from any financial position to wealth. Here are seven simple ways that nearly anyone can find an additional $600-$5,000 a year in their family budget to invest without changing their current lifestyle.

Number One - Consolidate Your Debt. Find sources to consolidate your long-term debt and credit card obligations to lower interest rate loans and cards using the Resources section of For those with credit challenges, engaging the services of a reputable non-profit credit counselor can save you several thousand dollars a year in interest charges.

Number Two - Do Comparison Shopping and Buy Products in Bulk. Whether it’s finding a cheaper cell phone plan, buying your coffee by the pound rather than by the cup, or shopping at wholesale clubs, comparison shopping and buying in bulk can easily save you over $1,000 a year.

Number Three - Consolidating Services. By consolidating services with the same company you can save a few hundred dollars a year. An example would be consolidating your phone, cable, and internet service with the same provider. And, if you are switching from traditional phone service with long-distance to VOIP, your savings could be in excess of $500 a year.

Number Four - Move Your Money to High-Interest Bearing Accounts. By moving your money from a non-interest bearing account to a high-yield checking or money market account, you can earn an addition $100-$200 year. You can use the Resources section of to find many of the highest interest rate checking, savings, and money market accounts in the country.

Number Five - Re-examine Your Insurance Coverage. By going online and doing comparison shopping at least twice year of your insurance company’s rates and looking for options to your consolidate coverage, you can find significant savings. This along with raising your insurance deductibles, based on the size of your cash reserve, can save you anywhere from $250 to several thousand dollars a year.

Number Six - Start Your Own Business. Starting a small or home based business, can be very profitable and can also save you thousands of dollars through tax deductions every year. You can work with your accountant to take advantage of these deductions now by adjusting your withholdings to create immediate extra cash flow. On, you will find links to the top 20 part-time and home based businesses that can you start with little money as well as supporting software, business planning resources, and startup guides.

Number Seven - Do Better Planning. By thinking further ahead, you can avoid ATM, bounced check, penalty, and late fees, as well as the higher cost of booking last minute travel. These things are slowly but surely chipping away at your wealth.

So, spend a few hours every month to evaluate your budget against the strategies on this list and find the wealth that has always been right in front of your eyes.

Learn more ways to dramatically increase your business and personal income by leveraging the BARON Wealth Coaching Program. You will have access to one-on-one guidance from an expert Baron Wealth Coach who can help you rapidly achieve success by leveraging over 200 BARON business and financial accelerators.

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