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"Tis not one’s failings alone that produce self-mastery, but studying the causes of such failure, coupled with the persistent application of new methods."

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Best-selling Author Secrets Part IV:

"How to Create a Six-Figure Passive Income
Doing What You Love!"

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Book Marketing Coach and international best-selling author William R. Patterson appears on the InfoPreneur Network Radio Show with Antonio Crawford to discuss in depth strategies that authors can use to catapult their income, books sales and celebrity status.

Wealth Coach William R. Patterson
As an author and entrepreneur, you will learn:

  • How to find thousands of dollars to publish and promote your book.
  • Highly-effective, low cost strategies for quickly selling more books.
  • How to reap big profits from important shifts happening in the publishing industry and the way books are marketed and distributed.
  • Why many authors, self-publishers and traditional publishers are using an outdated financial model and how you can use the BARON model to create multiple streams of passive income.
  • Four strategies for getting celebrities to endorse your work.
  • How to quickly create hundreds of products and services based on your book.
  • Free and low cost resources for promoting your book to your ideal target audience.

Leverage BARON Book Marketing Coaching to reach your publishing and financial goals four times faster.

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