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January 2008

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(How Barons Profit in Volatile Markets)
Learn More About BARON Business and Wealth Coaching

There are some common traits that allow industry and financial Barons to profit in volatile markets.

These traits include:

  1. Using their networks and specialized tools to gauge market sentiment before making buy or sell decisions.
  2. Not rushing into investments with a scarcity or "need to do a deal or need make a trade" type of mentality. Barons are patient; they know market corrections are inevitable and time and the overzealous nature of unskilled business owners and investors will present them with the buying opportunity of a lifetime.
  3. Doing proper valuations of the market and their holdings to know when each is overvalued and poised for a correction.
  4. Using multiple strategies and market instruments to hedge and profit from downward moves in the market.
  5. Maintaining large cash reserves to handle emergencies and to take advantage of investment opportunities and/or partnering with others who have such reserves.
Down markets present opportunities to make money like no other. Master this skill set and you will build your fortune in a third of the time.

William R. Patterson

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The Urban Wall Street Project
Interview Part VI

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Video - 2:51 Minutes

This week's show topic:

The Seven Major Reasons People Struggle Financially

National best-selling author and wealth coach William R. Patterson provides insights on the seven major reasons that people struggle financially, all of which have nothing to do with money, in part six of an in-depth interview for The Urban Wall Street Project with Earl Christian III.

There are seven major reasons that people struggle financially:

  1. Not Having Mentor or Coach Who Holds You Accountable
    To reach any significant level of success, every individual and business owner should have a wealth coach or business coach to help them limit risk and rapidly improve their financial situation or build their million-dollar business with integrated turnkey solutions.

  2. Self-Doubt
    Financial independence is not a rational decision. If it were a rational decision, more people would take decisive action to do the things that would make them financially free. Financial freedom is about overcoming your emotions — especially fear. Most people do not truly believe they have the power to change the condition of their lives starting from where they are. Despite what one may think, you are never too broke, your credit is never too poor, and it is never too late to begin improving your finances or to build a million-dollar business. A coach can help you think bigger and change your beliefs about what is possible by teaching you the things you don't know that you don't know.

  3. Limited Networks
    Those with limited networks are always the last know and the last to be helped. At least 80% of your success will be the result of soft skills—your ability to network, form mentoring relationships, strategic partnerships, and political alliances. Without question, your network is a direct reflection of your net worth; build one and the other will grow. Remember, any situation of lack can be solved through a partnership.

  4. Using the Wrong Vehicle for Building Wealth
    Most people struggle financially because they attempt to build wealth with a linear approach—using one investment strategy, one portfolio, and one stream of income (a job). And for most people, a job is a $50,000 solution to a million-dollar problem. If you have a million-dollar problem, you of course have to use a million-dollar solution. To build significant wealth in a way that brings you greater freedom with each dollar made, you have to learn to manage multiple investment strategies, multiples portfolios, and multiple streams of income. You also have to leverage the three major wealth building vehicles, the stock market, real estate, and entrepreneurship.

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Title: Effective Financial Planning in the Event of a Job Loss or Recession

Length: 2:24 Minutes

Short Description:
There have been a number of signs of weakness in the economy. With many unpredictable factors looming including changes in government, rising oil prices, conflict abroad, stock market volatility, and a meltdown in the housing market, it is more important than ever that individuals take important steps to be prepared in the event of an unexpected job loss or recession.

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Resource of the Week — "CLICK"

Does the thought of networking make you cringe?

At least 80% of your success will be the result of soft skills—your ability to network, form mentoring relationships, strategic partnerships, and political alliances. Without question, your network is a direct reflection of your net worth; build one and the other will grow.

Learn from BARON friend and master networker George C. Fraser the secrets to building extraordinary relationships. Over the last 25 years, George has helped over 5,000 people to find just the right job and over $500 million in new business.

Success is Only a

In George's new book, "CLICK," you will discover the Ten Truths for connecting with people:

  1. Tailor your relationships—to consciously create the perfect fit
  2. Be authentic—attract what you love and what loves you
  3. Trust first—release your real power
  4. Communicate with your heart—a new source of intelligence
  5. Love, give, serve, add value—then watch what comes back
  6. Bless them and release them—learn the lessons and move on
  7. Be open to everything—you can remake your life
  8. Make peace, not war, with words—create belief and confidence
  9. It takes teamwork to make the dream work—seek caring, creative allies
  10. Nurture your relationships—they are the core of your success
Gain greater insight on these ten powerful truths and much more!

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William R. Patterson in the Media

NATIONWIDE - January 25th
Oral Buffet with Hussein Hill
Friday, 3:00 - 3:15 PM CST

WASHINGTON, DC - January 26th
The Soap Box with Todd B
WPGC 95.5 FM
Saturday, 6:30 - 9:00 AM EST

CHICAGO, IL - January 27th
The Louie Jones Show
WCFJ AM 1470
Sunday, 3:30 - 3:45 PM CST

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Friday, 2:40 - 3:40 PM EST
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