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BARON Business Plan & Offering Memorandum Preparation Service

Estimated Completion Time: 30-45 Days

This executive preparation service includes:

  • 5 Bound Copies of Business Plan and Offering Memorandum
  • 5 Copies of Business Plan and Offering Memorandum on CD
  • 1-Hour of Training on How to Find and Best Present Your Plan to Investors
Overseen from start to finish by our team of experts, this consultation-driven package is essential for the entrepreneur looking to raise capital from qualified friends and family, venture capitalists, and other sophisticated and/or accredited investors. When securing funding from investors, you must be able to answer confidently and with detailed accuracy the fundamental questions:
  • What is your business really about?
  • Who is your target market and why would they buy your product/service?
  • How will you grow the business in the face of competition?
  • How will you earn a competitive return on investment for shareholders?
Your BARON Business Plan and Offering Memorandum will present clear answers to these and other critical questions to help you and your investors make informed operating and investment decisions.

The BARON Business Plan and Offering Memorandum are must have documents if you are serious about running a successful business and acquiring funding. In addition to addressing long-term strategy, market analysis, financial analysis, risk factors and contingencies, The Baron Series team can work with you to prepare and maximize the effectiveness of your presentation for specific investor or capitalization plan meetings. Using realistic and forward-thinking market analysis, we keep financials conservative and defend our research with a bevy of citations from credible industry sources. Once we understand your vision, we will create a realistic, honest and concise business plan to help you operate with greater efficiency, increasing revenue and reducing costs. This well thought out plan will also help you avoid the real dangers of choosing the wrong strategic and equity capital partners.

BARON Business Plan includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Industry Analysis
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Competition
  • Marketing/Sales Strategy
  • Operations
  • Management and Organization
  • Development and Exit Plan
  • Financials (Statements and 5-Year Projections)
  • Appendix

BARON Offering Memorandum Includes:

  • Offering Structure
  • Share Structure
  • SEC Disclosures
  • Company/Operations Information
  • Risk Disclosures
  • Use of Proceeds
  • Investor Suitability
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Investor Suitability Questionnaire

While the BARON Business Plan and BARON Offering Memorandum are designed as stand-alone documents, meaning there need not be other information presented to an investor for one to make an informed investment decision, the two documents work in support of one another and as such properly correlate. The investor is made aware that the business plan alone does not constitute an offering to sell securities only the offering memorandum can make such a claim.

Order NOW for Only $9,000.00!
Discounted from Full Price of $10,000.00

Alternatively, you may select the payment plan option below and make two payments of $5,000.00 for the full price of $10,000.00. You second payment will be due in four weeks.

Business Coaching

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