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AM 1580 Interviews with Wealth Coach William R. Patterson

How Will the $700 Billion
Rescue Plan Affect You?
(Part I)

Wealth coach and best-selling author William R. Patterson appears on
CBS Radio Talk 1580 to discuss how the $700 billion rescue plan will affect Wall Street, businesses, individual investors, homeowners, students, and retirees.

William provides a fresh, highly-
effective road map to financial
and entrepreneurial success. Learn
ways to protect your finances, generate multiple streams of income, and dramatically accelerate your path to wealth.

Wealth Coach William R. Patterson Discusses the Impact of the $700 Billion Rescue Bill

Wealth Coach William R. Patterson

This week's show topics:

  • What the $700 billion rescue plan means to your personal finances,
    retirement accounts, and small business
  • Why the house rejection of the initial bailout bill caused the
    largest Dow Jones point drop in history ($1.2 trillion loss of value)
  • How to profit from downward moves in the stock market
  • What every investor should know to protect themselves
    from market risk
  • Smart strategies for making "big" money in a financial crisis

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With every historic crisis, there are historic opportunities. Leverage BARON Wealth Coaching to reach your business and financial goals four times faster.

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