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William R. Patterson on
SiriusXM Radio 169 - The Power

Life Insurance,
Money and Relationships

National Bestselling Author William R. Patterson

This week's show topics:

  • Determining How Much Life Insurance You Will Need

    William discusses various life insurance vehicles and entities. He also shares seven important things to consider when assessing your life insurance needs.

  • Money and Relationships

    William addresses the question, "Is money the leading cause of divorce?" He also shares tips for couples to help prioritize and save when it comes to purchasing a home, retirement, college education, parental long-term care, starting a business and more.

William provides a fresh, innovative road map to financial empowerment and debt-free living. You will learn how to take advantage of free wealth-building Resources to estimate how much money you will need to invest for retirement and/or to become a millionaire.

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