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"Tis not one’s failings alone that produce self-mastery, but studying the causes of such failure, coupled with the persistent application of new methods."


Personal Power and Influence  Business Coaching | Wealth Coaching

Dictionaries define power as the ability to do or act; the capability of doing or accomplishing something. In physics, power is defined as the rate at which work is done. It is the work/time ratio. These two definitions are key to understanding how to develop your own personal power, of which there are three major components: Clear Direction, Decisive Action, and Continuous Assessment.

  • Clear Direction
    Firmly establish in your mind that which you intend to accomplish and record it on paper. Believe with certainty that you will attain this desire and use that belief as your driving force. Eliminate all negative influences.
  • Decisive Action
    As alluded to in the physics definition, time is an important factor to power. The more meaningful actions you are able to take in the shortest time, the greater your personal power. It is critical that you act quickly and decisively once you have the proper information.
  • Continuous Assessment
    Lastly, always evaluate the effects of your actions to determine what must be changed. Then vary your approach as necessary. Continue this process until you have reached your goal.

Remember, in order for personal power to be effective you must take decisive action toward a clear objective, adjusting your approach when necessary.

There is one rule—the simplest, most beneficial way to influence other people is to speak in terms of their interests and show them how or help them attain what they desire.

For many in search of success, one of the most overlooked assets is an individual’s personal network of contacts. Many opportunities are lost or go uncovered because one has failed to cultivate meaningful relationships. One should not neglect this very important advantage. Ultimately, you will only be as strong and successful as your network of relationships and contacts. If you take the time build and maintain relationships, they will last you a lifetime and you will find yourself in few situations of lack. A properly established network will allow one at any given time or in any given situation to quickly contact the appropriate individual(s) for the personal assistance or to aid others.

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