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November 2007

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(Accountability — The Secret Key to Wealth)

"The CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have shareholders and a board of directors to hold them accountable for achieving higher profits in the most efficient manner. If chief executives fail to perform, they will be promptly removed from leadership. However, the average individual or small business owner has no external driver to push him or her to generate more income or to use better methods and tools. It is this lack accountability that causes most individuals and entrepreneurs to procrastinate, make poor financial decisions, and to take on unnecessary risk. According to statistics from the American Society of Training and Development, the probability of achieving a goal if you hear an idea is 10%. If you create a sound plan, the probability of achieving your goal rises to 50%. However, if you commit to someone else that you will achieve your goal and have a specific accountability schedule set up with that person, the probability jumps to 95%. You can nearly double your chances for financial success by having an expert guide you and hold you accountable for achieving measurable and sustained progress toward your goals."
William R. Patterson

Find new clients for your business for free!

Building Wealth with Intellectual Property

In this powerful niche interview, William R. Patterson shares an integrated financial model for building wealth with intellectual property. No matter if you are an author, poet, independent publisher, inventor or entrepreneur who markets products, you will learn invaluable insights that you can apply immediately.

Show topics:

  1. What it will take to become a millionaire?
  2. How to increase your income
  3. How to build a six-figure business
  4. Free investing and money saving resources
  5. How to find a profitable small business opportunity that you can start today
  6. Book publishing and marketing success secrets that every author must know
  7. A five-step action plan for building wealth
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BARON Book Publishing and Marketing
Success Secrets

Learn a step-by-step process for creating a winning book concept, writing, producing, publishing, and marketing a quality book quickly and on a limited budget.


Title: Secrets for Developing a Millionaire Child

Length: 3:03 Minutes

Short Description:
Helping your child develop financial and entrepreneurial skills early in life is one of the best investments you can make. That investment will not only pay dividends during your child's life, but for generations to come. When teaching finance and entrepreneurship to children, here are the five essential skills that every young person must learn to become successful. Empower your child today with the knowledge, discipline, sound guidance, and BARON strategies to become a multi-millionaire.

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Ask "The Baron" Question of the Week


What are your solutions for getting out of a financial crisis? — Sarah B.

William R. Patterson says:

It really depends on the circumstances and the level of urgency. Regardless of the situation (i.e. negative cash flow, bankruptcy, foreclosure, tax debt, estate settlement, etc.), it is important that you seek out financial advice that is tailored to your particular circumstances with the help of a professional advisor. That said, it is critical that one also become as knowledgeable as possible in order to evaluate his or her advisors and the advice he or she is being given. You will find many valuable resources on for pulling together an accelerated debt reduction, savings, and wealth acquisition plan.

I would encourage you to begin by exploring our Getting Started section, The Baron Series Podcast, and SiriusXM Radio Archive to find information related to your specific area interest.

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Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship
Success Fundamentals

Develop the core skills necessary to effectively manage your money and profitably run a small business.

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BARON Wealth Coaching
Learn to quickly get out of debt and take control of your personal finances with the step-by-step guidance from your own Personal BARON Coach.

Financial Term of the Week

Sub-Prime Loan

A higher risk, high cost loan extended to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit. sub-prime borrowers, also known as the B & C credit market, may have challenges such as a bankruptcy or accounts in collection. Traditionally, sub-prime loans come with higher interest rates, and in many cases, prepayment penalties. This is in contrast to prime loans which are lower interest rate loans offered to preferred borrowers or a bank's best and most credit worthy customers.

According to Freddie Mac, up to 15% of sub-prime borrowers have credit scores that qualify them for lower interest rate traditional loans.

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Resource of the Week

Find the Cheapest Gas and Fuel Prices

  • Find Low Gas Prices in Your Area
  • Get Gas Prices on Your Mobile Device
  • Calculate the Estimated Fuel Cost of a Trip by Car
  • Access 24-Month Historical Gas Price Charts by State
  • View Current State Averages
  • View Current Diesel Fuel Prices

FREE Money Saving Resources:
Find Cheaper Gas Prices in Your Area Now!

Want "The Baron" as your personal wealth coach or small business advisor?

More Inspiring BARON Success Stories

Michael Ford - Wellford, South Carolina
Discover how Michael Ford and his wife were able to save over $12,000 using BARON financial strategies.

Michael Mosley - Rialto, California
Discover how Michael Mosley was able to start his own business the right way using BARON entrepreneurship strategies.

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The number one reason people struggle financially is that they don't have a mentor.

A mentor can accelerate your path to financial independence and save you tens-of-thousands of dollars and years of wasted time. From helping you to change your belief system to forming critical business relationships, a mentor's advice and direction is priceless.

Need to quickly improve your personal finances or business? As your wealth coach, world-renowned financial and business expert William R. Patterson will personally walk you through how to apply THE BARON SOLUTION™ model to your personal finances and/or small business.

As your wealth coach, William will help you:

  • Create a budget and implement a money management plan to find additional savings and income
  • Find the cheapest and fastest way to pay off your debt, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars
  • Evaluate investments in stocks, real estate, and private businesses to minimize risks and maximize return on investment
  • Inexpensively build a team of professional advisors
  • Develop better financial management skills with your spouse or partner

As your business consultant, William will help you:

  • Tap into your passion and find your "great" business idea
  • Create a business plan that will attract investors
  • Determine the most appropriate strategies for financing your company
  • Build business credit that does not require a personal guarantee
  • Create an effective online and offline marketing campaign
  • Find new sources of revenue
  • Automate your business
  • Find grant opportunities

Experience why top business leaders, financial professionals, and entrepreneurs such as billionaire Bob Johnson and NASDAQ's Chief Marketing Officer, John L. Jacobs, praise William's breakthrough approach.

For more information on wealth coaching, call (888) 90-BARON or complete the form in Workshops/Coaching section of The Baron Series website.

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Empower yourself and friends with THE BARON line of motivational products for men, women, and children.

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A New Mindset:
How to Overcome Debt and Build Wealth

A New Mindset: How to Overcome Debt and Build Wealth CD

Workshop Includes:

  • Audio CD and Online Replay of Workshop
  • Access to Special Notes and Online Resources
Seminar Description:
In this life-saving workshop, you will learn step-by-step how the average person can rebuild their credit and become completely debt free including their mortgage, student loans, car loans, and credit card debt in 5-7 years using only their own income. Thousands of dollars in debt? Poor credit rating? Garnishment? Bankruptcy? No idea where to start or which way is up? This workshop is for you!

You will discover:

  • Determine when it is appropriate to use debt and what are the different types of debt that exist
  • Order and interpret your various credit reports and scores
  • Dispute and/or correct inaccurate information on your credit report
  • Use strategies for lowering your interest rates and negotiating with creditors
  • Change the mindset that created your debt problem
  • Use tools for determining the fastest and cheapest way to pay off your debts
  • Develop an effective debt reduction, savings, and wealth acquisition plan

Order NOW for Only $99.95!

Take Advantage of The BARON Ultimate Wealth-
Building Bundle for Only $499.95!

Bundle Includes: The Baron Son Book and Audio Book, Debt, Stock Market, Personal Finance Fundamentals, Entrepreneurship, and Government Grant Workshops
(Total Value - $4,280.63)

How to Start and Run Your Business
the Right Way

Workshop Includes:
  • Audio CD and Online Replay of Workshop
  • Access to Special Notes and Online Resources
Seminar Description:
Discover practical ideas for building wealth through a small business and using online and direct selling techniques. You will begin to master key areas to your success and learn more about the 4 secrets that cause most small businesses to fail and most franchises to succeed. Whether you are a new or seasoned entrepreneur, this course will help you leverage your time and other resources to maximize returns.

You will discover how to:

  • Get started and the elements of a successful business plan and business model
  • Find a profitable business idea and create a market niche
  • Find customers to buy your products and services
  • Profitably market to and reach your target audience
  • Leverage other people to help you create wealth

Order NOW for Only $99.95!

Take Advantage of The BARON Ultimate Wealth-
Building Bundle for Only $499.95!

Bundle Includes: The Baron Son Book and Audio Book, Debt, Stock Market, Personal Finance Fundamentals, Entrepreneurship, and Government Grant Workshops
(Total Value - $4,280.63)

The Baron Son (Hard Cover)

The Baron Son is a revealing story designed as the ethical road map to wealth, power, and success. A legend from centuries past, it is the tale of a young boy who loses everything and through struggle finds the secret to become the richest, most powerful person the world has ever known.

Order the book that is changing lives around the world and give the gift of knowledge to family and friends.


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21 Reasons to Read The Baron Son:
Read Praise from Top Industry Leaders

The Baron Son (Audio Book)

The Baron Son unabridged audio book is available now! Learn the secrets of ethically attaining wealth, power, and success even during your idle time.

Order THE BARON SON Audio Book!
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21 Reasons to Read The Baron Son:
Read Praise from Top Industry Leaders

The BARON Ultimate Wealth-Building Bundle

The #1 Wealth-Building Bundle as
Ranked by

Invest in yourself and make 2014 your best year ever! For those who are serious about attaining financial independence, we've put together a very special offer,
The BARON Ultimate Wealth-Building Bundle.

The Ultimate Bundle includes:

  1. THE BARON SOLUTION - Six-CD Package
    ($599.70 Value)
    • A New Mindset: How to Overcome Debt and Build Wealth
    • BARON Tools and Strategies for Stock Market Investing
    • BARON Real Estate Investment Strategies
    • Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship Success Fundamentals
    • How to Start and Run Your Business the Right Way
    • Accessing Capital: How to Obtain Government Grants

  2. The Baron Son - Hard Cover Book ($19.95 Value)

  3. The Baron Son - Audio Book ($29.98 Value)

  4. FREE Audio Files, E-books, and Discounts ($3,631.00 Value)
    We have teamed up with Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, David Bach, and many other extraordinary experts and international best-selling authors on wealth-building, personal development, leadership, business, and success to bring you vital resources designed to move you closer to your financial goals.


Audio Book

BARON 6-CD Wealth &
Business Success Package

This is a time-sensitive offer.

Own The Ultimate
BARON Wealth-Building Bundle Today!

Order NOW for Only $499.95!
Total Value - $4,280.63

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Joining the affiliate program is free and can supplement your income with minimal effort on your part. Once your application is approved, you can begin earning commissions immediately.

As an affiliate, you can also add free automatically updated personal finance content to your website. This is great for website owners who do not wish to create their own content.

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In the Media

NATIONWIDE - November 9th
Oral Buffet with Hussein Hill
Friday, 3:00 - 3:15 PM CDT

CHICAGO, IL - November 11th
The Louie Jones Show
WCFJ AM 1470
Sunday, 3:30 - 3:45 PM CST

NATIONWIDE - November 12th
April Sims A & E
Blog Talk Radio
Monday, 7:00 - 8:00 PM EST
Listen to the broadcast:

NEW YORK, NY/ATLANTA, GA - November 14th
The Urban Wall Street Project with Earl Christian III
Manhattan, NY - TV 56
Bronx, NY - TV 68
Altanta, GA - TV 24
Wednesday, 6:30-7:00 PM EST

NATIONWIDE - November 19th
The Uncle D Morning Show
Financial Success Strategies for Independent Artists and Musicians
Monday, 9:00 - 10:00 AM EST
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Upcoming Events

WASHINGTON, DC - November 12th
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Founder's Day
Community Service Award Honoree
Monday, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

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