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March 2007

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Black America
Is on an
Economic Titanic.
Will You Survive?


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"How much is your lack of knowledge costing you? When you factor in the wasted time, unnecessary losses, and missed opportunities, for most people, the real cost is well over a million dollars."
- William R. Patterson

Financial Term of the Week

Short Sale

The sale of shares of stock not owned by the seller. This is a speculative practice done in the belief that the price of a stock is going to decline and that the seller will have the opportunity to benefit by buying the shares back at a lower price. The profit would be the difference between the initial selling price and the subsequent purchase price. For example: Sarah believes that ABC Corp. will go down in value, so she sells short 1,000 shares at $30 per share. Sarah is correct and the stock goes down to $20. Sarah then buys back the shares at $20 each and has a profit of $10,000. On the other hand, if Sarah's prediction is incorrect and the stock price rises, she will be exposed to unlimited risk unless she uses a "buy stop order" and/or hedging strategies to limit her potential loss.

Are your stocks in a downtrend?
Look at their charts now!


Title: Ignorance Is More Expensive than Knowledge
Length: 2:21 Minutes
Short Description:
Imagine your life if you didn't know airplanes, cars, computers, telephones or email existed. How much time and money would you waste using inefficient tools and methods? How many opportunities would you miss? This is the reality for tens-of-millions of Americans using outdated models, tools, and strategies for financial success.

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Black America Is on an Economic Titanic.
Will You Survive?

William R. Patterson on
SiriusXM Radio 169 - The Power


  • 1-in-4 Black households lives in poverty
  • Over 29% of Black households have no assets or negative net worth
  • Personal bankruptcies are at all-time high
  • 39% of Black and Hispanic households will not have enough for retirement
  • In 2004 (most recent data), the median wealth of black households was just one-tenth that of white households at $11,800 compared to $118,300.
  • The income gap between Black and white households in widening. The median income of Black households dropped from 63.5% of the earnings of their white counterparts in 2000 to 62% in 2004 (most recent data).
  • Home ownership rates lag considerably behind whites: 72.7% for whites in 2005 (most recent data) compared to just 48.2% for Blacks.
Sources:Survey of Consumer Finances, Economic Policy Institute, American Bankruptcy Institute, United States Census Bureau

While 1-in-4 African-Americans lives in poverty and nearly 1-in-3 has no assets or a negative net worth, William R. Patterson, award-winning lecturer and national bestselling co-author of The Baron Son, has developed a unique system to eliminate the economic hardships faced by so many families today.

"Most people are using an outdated model or worse, have no model for financial independence. While there is a negative savings rate in the U.S. and personal bankruptcies are at an all-time high, there are still many Americans who are attaining unprecedented wealth," Patterson says.

William provides a fresh, innovative road map to financial empowerment and debt-free living. You will learn how to take advantage of free wealth-building Resources to estimate how much money you will need to invest for retirement and/or to become a millionaire.

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THE BARON SOLUTION 5-Week Entrepreneurship Training

Dates: Every Thursday, March 15th - April 12th
Time: 8:30 -10:00 PM EST
Seminar Description:
There is no need squander your efforts with strategies that have no hope of returning your investment, much less yielding a profit. Let THE BARON SOLUTION 5-Week Entrepreneurship Training empower you with the knowledge necessary to identify and replicate the tactics of the most successful people and companies in your field. Whether you are a new or seasoned entrepreneur, THE BARON SOLUTION strategies will help you leverage your time and other resources to maximize profits and returns.

This concentrated 5-week course
will show you how to:


  • Find a great business idea and create a market niche
  • Write a business plan that will attract investors
  • Perfect your business model
  • Find the best professional advisors
  • Protect your ideas
  • Form and effectively manage various entities including Corporations, Limited Partnerships (LPs), and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • Finance your business with debt and/or equity
  • Build business credit that does not require a personal credit check or guarantee
  • Find the most appropriate investors and lenders
  • Choose the right business partners
  • Generate free publicity for your business
  • Use winning strategies to sell your products and services online and offline
  • Find untapped online resources for market research, low cost advertising and promotion
  • Profitably market your products, services, and business on a limited budget
  • Work with distributors, wholesalers, and retailers
  • Find methods to dramatically increase your business referrals
  • Find new markets to sell your products and services
  • Form strategic partnerships to multiply your income
  • Leverage key resources and people to help you create wealth
  • Optimize your business activities to boost productivity, income, and cash flow
  • Automate your business
  • Turn your business into a franchise
  • Determine the value of your business
  • Sell your business
  • Explore options of Direct Public Offerings (DPOs) and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
You will be exposed to these ideas and much more!

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Women Entrepreneur CEO Training

Dates: Every Thursday, July 19th - August 16th
Time: 8:30 -10:00 PM EST
Seminar Description:
This is a high-powered, tailored version of THE BARON SOLUTION 5-Week Entrepreneurship Training designed to address the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities faced by women entrepreneurs. Everyday more and more women are embracing entrepreneurship as a viable, fulfilling career alternative to traditional forms of employment and a powerful means of building wealth. Women entrepreneurs own over 6.5 million businesses generating $940 billion in revenues. This powerful BARONESS course will teach you the financial and business fundamentals that every woman entrepreneur must know to compete and run her business profitably.

Female entrepreneurs face both exciting and challenging times. Despite unprecedented opportunities for success, many barriers still exist in the form of accessing:

  • Affordable business and financial training
  • Start-up and expansion capital
  • Useable and timely information
  • Government resources
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Mentoring programs
The Women Entrepreneur CEO Training workshop will help you address and eliminate many hurdles, pitfalls, and obstacles including lack of time, money, experience, and other resources.

Discover the mindset, vision, skills, and strategies needed for success.

Through this Baroness training program, you will learn:

  • How to capitalize on the female entrepreneur's unique position in the marketplace
  • To think differently and strategically when it comes to female and minority business development
  • How to leverage innovative strategies to finance and grow your business
  • How to most effectively use strategic partnerships to increase chances for success and the magnitude of opportunities
  • How to overcome common barriers such as inaccessible markets, lack of information, and scarce resources
Program offering also includes:
  • Sample business plan, financial statement forms, and contracts
  • The TBS "Insider's Resource List" of small business friendly vendors, and low cost and no cost products and services
  • Web Entrepreneurs Toolkit
  • And much more!

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New & Upcoming Teleseminars

Based on your requests and feedback, on Tuesday,
March 13, we will be announcing details regarding the following new and upcoming teleseminars in March
through June:

  • THE BARON SOLUTION FREE Wealth-Building Teleseminar
  • THE BARON SOLUTION FREE Entrepreneurship Teleseminar
  • How to Explode the Profits of Your Direct Sales Business
  • BARON Book Publishing & Marketing Success Secrets
  • How to Build a Six-Figure Speaking Business
  • How to Generate and Maximize Profits from Your
    Web Business
  • Success in the Independent Music Business:
    From Conception to Cash
  • Advanced BARON Tools & Strategies for
    Stock Market Investing
  • How to Add Thousands of People to Your Mailing List
  • Using Teleseminars to Generate Multiple Streams of Income for Your Business
  • Highly Effective, Low Cost Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Any Business
  • BARON Strategies for Success in the Trucking Industry: A Guide for Independent Owner-Operators

The BARON Ultimate Wealth-Building Bundle

Invest in yourself and make 2014 your best year ever! For those who are serious about attaining financial independence, we've put together a very special offer,
The BARON Ultimate Wealth-Building Bundle.

The Ultimate Bundle includes:

  1. THE BARON SOLUTION - Six-CD Package
    ($599.70 Value)
    • A New Mindset: How to Overcome Debt and Build Wealth
    • BARON Tools and Strategies for Stock Market Investing
    • BARON Real Estate Investment Strategies
    • Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship Success Fundamentals
    • How to Start and Run Your Business the Right Way
    • Accessing Capital: How to Obtain Government Grants

  2. The Baron Son - Hard Cover Book ($19.95 Value)

  3. The Baron Son - Audio Book ($29.98 Value)

  4. FREE Audio Files, E-books, and Discounts ($3,631.00 Value)
    We have teamed up with Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, David Bach, and many other extraordinary experts and international best-selling authors on wealth-building, personal development, leadership, business, and success to bring you vital resources designed to move you closer to your financial goals.

This is a time-sensitive offer.

Own The Ultimate
BARON Wealth-Building Bundle Today!

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Total Value - $4,280.63

The Baron Son (Audio Book)

The Baron Son unabridged audio book is available now! Learn the secrets of ethically attaining wealth, power, and success even during your idle time.

Order THE BARON SON Audio Book!

Order NOW for Only $24.95!

The Baron Son (Hard Cover)

The Baron Son is a revealing allegorical tale designed as the ethical road map to wealth, power, and success. A legend from centuries past, it is the tale of a young boy who loses everything and through struggle finds the secret to become the richest, most powerful man the world has ever known.

Order the book that's changing lives around the world and give the gift of knowledge to family and friends.


Order NOW for Only $19.95!

In the Media

William R. Patterson is now the business and financial expert on We Ourselves with Ambrose I. Lane, Sr. on XM Radio 169 - The Power. He can be heard every Friday from 1:00-2:00 PM EST. You are encouraged to call-in with your business and financial questions to (866) 801-TALK.

NATIONWIDE - March 9th
We Ourselves with Ambrose I. Lane, Sr.
SiriusXM Radio 169 - The Power
Friday, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST
Call-In Number: (866) 801-TALK

CINCINNATI, OH - March 9th
The Morris Williams Show
WAIF 88.3 FM
Friday, 4:00 - 5:00 PM EST
Listen to the broadcast:

CHICAGO, IL - March 11th
The Louie Jones Show
WCFJ AM 1470
Sunday, 3:30 - 3:45 PM CST
Listen to the broadcast:

Talk of the Town -- The Light Side of the News
with Suzie Wiley
Wednesday, 12:40 - 1:00PM CST

WASHINGTON, DC - March 31st
The Sam & Clay Business Informative Show
Saturday, 12:00 - 2:00 PM EST
Listen to the broadcast:

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Upcoming Events

WASHINGTON, DC - March 8th
Howard University Bookstore
2225 Georgia Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20059
Tel: (202) 238-2640 or (800) 919-5997
Thursday, 4:30 - 6:30 PM EST

Washington, DC - March 24th
Keynote Address
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Youth Symposium
Saturday, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST

NEW YORK, NY - April 22nd
Signing and Discussion
SLIQUE Magazine Launch Party
Hotel Pennsylvania
401-7th Avenue
Manhattan, NY
Sunday, 7:00 - 10:00 PM EST
More Information:

Karibu Books
The Mall at Prince George's
3500 East-West Highway
Hyattsville, MD 20782
THE BARON SOLUTION Youth Financial Workshop
Saturday, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
More Information:

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NEW YORK, NY - Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe
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WASHINGTON, DC - Busboys and Poets
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WASHINGTON, DC - Howard University Bookstore
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