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March 2009
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  New Releases: International Bestseller

The Baron Son continues to change lives around the world with the latest releases in Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean. Discover the business and wealth-building secrets of the world's most successful people.

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      Gold Star - #1 Entrepreneurship Training Workshop for Women #1 Entrepreneurship Training Workshop for Women (
        Gold Star - #1 Business Motivational Speaker Web Site #1 Business Motivational Speaker (
        Gold Star - Best Business Advice, Support & Development Site  2009 Best Business Advice Site (Black Web Awards)
        Gold Star - Best Wealth-Building Site 2008-2009 Best Wealth-Building Site (Black Web Awards)
        Gold Star - Best Male Author Site 2008-2010 Best Author (Black Web Awards)
        Gold Star - Best Lecturer and Speaker Site 2007-2010 Best Speaker and Lecturer (Black Web Awards)
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Smart Ways to Increase Your Income While
Saving Yourself Time, Money and Effort

Learn More About BARON Business and Wealth Coaching
William R. Patterson
Wealth Coach
Best-selling Author
Do you know there are things you should be doing now to increase your income, automate and scale your business, but you just can seem to find the time to implement them? Are feeling overwhelmed, intimated, or confused by the vast number of emerging technologies and don't know which to use to accelerate the growth of your business? Do you know which online and offline business and social networks yield the profitable results? Do you know which tools can help you optimize your business and increase your conversion rates by 300-1,000%?

There is no need to waste your time and resources trying to figure out:

  • Where should I direct my energy to attract more customers?
  • How do I quickly build the right team?
  • Which systems integrate best?
  • Which tools are worth investing in to triple my business and free up more time?
  • Which networks are worth joining to help me make needed connections?

BARON Business Coaching provides you with the right answers and turnkey solutions, maximizing your ROI of time and money. Use BARON Business Coaching to help you stop working "in your business" and start working on being able to "scale and sell your business" to create the wealth you deserve.

Remember, time is your most valuable asset.
Treat it as such.

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Ask "The Baron" Question of The Week:

How to Best Plan & Quickly Grow Your
Million-Dollar Business

Ask the Baron - Business Coaching Question of the Week
How should the growth process be scheduled? How do I determine what my business needs to get to the next level along with priorities and how to set them?
— Gloria J.
William R. Patterson says:

Business Coaching - Planning Business Growth Here is a high-level overview of the process we use for planning a typical client's growth through BARON
Business Coaching.

There are primarily ten key factors to consider when planning the growth of your business:

  1. Demand — What is the current sustainable demand for your company's products and services? How many quarters ahead can you reasonably predict the company's revenue and earnings?

  2. Business Model — Does your business have an adequate product/service line, diversified client base, and margins to support and sustain growth? Is your company's business model scalable and does it have effective lead generation systems, a product development schedule, marketing and contact management systems, and turnkey joint-venture programs or must they be developed?

  3. Exit Strategy — Is your ultimate desire to automate, sell, or take the business public?

  4. Market Size — How big is your market? What untapped niches exist?

  5. Integration and Joint-Venture Opportunities — What are the joint-venture and vertical integration opportunities that can help you quickly lower costs, access new leads, and add new products and services to your line?

Read More:
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BARON Business Coaching and Consulting Programs
Build your million-dollar business up to four times faster. Leverage the breakthrough BARON model in order to generate highly effective, low-cost media exposure for your business, help successfully brand and launch new products and services, head off competition, improve operating cash flow, and grow your profits.

Build Your Million-Dollar Business Four Times Faster with BARON Wealth Coaching

Wealth Coaching with The Baron

There is a better and faster way to reach your financial and business goals.

Business Coach - Business Coaching

"With William as my wealth coach, in less than 16 months, I have generated more than $70,000 and developed the skills and confidence to realize greatness."
N. Kali Mincy
Washington, DC
"With the things William shared, we'll be able to sell more with our new CD in a few months than we've sold with all of our other CDs over the last 7-8 years. He delivers outstanding value through the coaching program and audio training. They are rich with relevant information, and William is a man of unbelievable insight."
Sean Isaacs
Chief Executive Officer
Isaacs Marketing Group LLC
"In my first coaching session, William helped me automate my business and save over $2,000 and hundreds of hours of work. With his expert guidance and accelerators, in less than two weeks, I had my company formed, two income producing websites with hundreds of members, and a radio show to promote my cause. BARON Coaching is by far the best investment I have ever made."
Sasha Ottey
Chief Executive Officer
PCOS Challenge, Inc.
"It was exactly what I expected it to be. William is a genius. He had me extremely motivated and put me on the right path. I am looking forward to building my brand using The Baron Solution strategies and taking over the market I serve."
Antoine Harden
Top National Software Sales Professional
Leesburg, VA
"In our first 90-minute wealth coaching session, William helped me identify ten new streams of income that could triple my revenue in less than a year."
Merletta J. Martin
Merletta J. Martin Gallery
"I got even more out of my coaching sessions than I had hoped. Now, I see what I was doing wrong!"
Denice Jeter
Real Estate Broker
Little Rock, AK

Seven Reasons More Entrepreneurs Choose
BARON Wealth & Business Coaching
  1. Delivers the most comprehensive, fully-integrated entrepreneurship training program in the industry.

  2. Increases your productivity while giving you more time off to spend with family and friends.

  3. The BARON integrated model offers you a higher return on investment and improved odds for long-term success compared to other entrepreneurship training programs.

  4. Provides you with a comprehensive sustaining support system which includes one-on-one guidance from industry experts and over 1,000 resources and accelerators.

  5. Saves you tens-of-thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in research and implementation time.

  6. Provides you with cutting-edge strategies, best-practices taught by industry leaders, and highly-effective marketing systems to generate more sales and income.

  7. Equips you with the proper coaching, planning, training, tools, and partnerships to become more profitable, stable, and better manage growth.

BARON Wealth Coaching can help you quadruple the speed at which you reach your business and financial goals over planning yourself or other methods and programs.

Leverage #1 Wealth Coach William R. Patterson to help you quickly start or improve the profits of your small business.

Multiply your odds for success with the proper coaching, planning, training, tools, and partnerships.

Request BARON Wealth Coaching Now:
I'm ready to be the next BARON success story!

Resource of the Week

Top 50 Income-Producing Business Coaching
Videos, Audios, and Articles

Business Coach and Business Coaching

Use the BARON free Business Coaching resources section to leverage industry best-practices, turnkey solutions, and value-added resources to achieve larger profits, growth and stability for your business.

You will discover how to:

Related Value Added Service:
BARON Business Coaching
Leverage the breakthrough BARON model in order to generate highly effective, low-cost media exposure for your business, help successfully brand and launch new products and services, head off competition, improve operating cash flow, automate processes, grow profits, and create an exit strategy for your business.

Building Wealth with Your IRA
By William R. Patterson

Best Ways to Use Your Tax RefundAn Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or is a great way to build wealth by having your money grow tax free.

There are several IRA options available including: Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Traditional Non-Deductible IRAs. To be eligible to contribute to any type of IRA, you must have earned income either as an employee or self-employed individual.

Sophisticated entrepreneurs or investors may set up any of these accounts as self-directed IRAs and invest in privately held businesses, real estate transactions, options on stock, and other non-traditional investments. For these experienced and skilled entrepreneurs and investors, a self-directed IRA can be great way to access start-up or expansion capital and build wealth tax-free. Keep in mind, any such speculative investments should be done with a small portion of your portfolio, under the guidance of experts, and using BARON strategies for minimizing investment risk.

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BARON Ultimate Wealth Building Bundle
Learn step-by-step how to quickly create multiple streams produce passive income. Invest in yourself now and make 2014 your best year ever!



Title: The Best Ways to Save for College
Length: 2:24 Minutes

The Best Ways to Save for College - Wealth Coach William R. Patterson

Short Description:
For many parents and students, the cost of higher-education has become increasingly difficult to manage. According to the College Board, tuition and fees at public colleges and universities have increased 51 percent on an inflation-adjusted basis over the last 10 years. Here’s a quick overview of some of the funding and saving options that can help ease the burden of higher education costs.

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Part III: Book Marketing Insights from
"The Baron"

Interview best-selling author & book marketing coach William R. PattersonBest-selling author & book marketing coach William R. Patterson is interviewed regarding his upcoming workshops at the 2009 Black Writers Reunion & Conference in Las Vegas, NV on June 18-19, 2009

What is something you wish more writers understood about being an author and publisher?

Cost-effectively marketing your books and products is often times just as hard, if not harder, than creating them. Marketing Baron P.T. Barnum said, "Without publicity a terrible thing happens...nothing!" The same is true for writing. The idea of “If I write a great book, it will sell itself” is absurd. If you can afford it, hire an outside publicist. Having one frees up your time to do other important things such as develop new content. A good publicist will also have relationships that can make things happen for you a lot quicker. I would also encourage new authors to take advantage of every marketing opportunity regardless of how small. You have a short window of opportunity to make your book successful, so use it to the fullest. Lastly, look for creative ways to market your book and for other author, product or service tie-ins. We highlight this type of “Allied Effort,” that ultimately creates greater value for everyone, as a “Supreme Principle” in The Baron Son.

At what other writers' conferences have you presented a session?

I usually do 20-30 speaking engagements a year, in addition to coaching, teleseminars and webinars on writing and book publishing. features a detailed itinerary of events I usually attend. I am always teaching in the U.S. and abroad, and I encourage students to send in their feedback and success stories. I enjoy sharing them with others.

What advice would you give to someone who has never attended a writers' conference?

Take a few moments to write down your objectives for attending the conference and each workshop. This will provide you with a game plan, prevent you from wasting time and ensure that you accomplish what you intended to at the conference. In addition to the valuable strategies that you will learn from presenters at the event, you should use conference time to get answers to questions that are often not addressed in books. If you are unable to attend a specific workshop due to a conflict, check to see if the presenter has products, services or an e-mail newsletter that covers what you missed. You might even get additional insights on the topic. To achieve high-level success as an author or writer, you will need some type of mentoring, coaching and continuing education, so keep an eye out for instructors who may be offering those services. Last but not least, during your downtime, network with other authors and writers. Realize 80% of your success as a writer will be the result of soft skills—your ability to network, form mentoring relationships, strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

What are some projects you have in the works? Are there any in particular you'd like us to look out for in the near future?

We have the BARON Book Publishing and Marketing Coaching Program which helps writers develop and market their work. We are guiding a number of upcoming authors through building their brands and creating international best-sellers. Also, my co-authors and I are working on the next installment in The Baron Series which will be geared toward women. The Russian, Portuguese, Polish, and Korean versions of The Baron Son were released this year are expected to do well. In addition, we are now negotiating the rights to our screenplay, CUFFLINKS®, a financial drama.

Listen to William R. Patterson's FREE Pre-conference Workshop Series ($497 Value):

  1. How to Write Books That Sell

  2. How to Publish & Distribute Your Book for
    Maximum Profit

  3. Highly-Effective Strategies for
    Book Marketing & Promotion

Related Training:
BARON Book Publishing & Marketing
Success Secrets

Learn a step-by-step process for creating a winning book concept, writing, producing, publishing, and marketing a quality book quickly and on a limited budget.

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Immediately Increase Your Cash Flow with a Small or Home Based Business

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The Baron Son is a revealing story designed as the ethical road map to wealth, power, and success. A legend from centuries past, it is the tale of a young boy who loses everything and through struggle finds the secret to become the richest, most powerful person the world has ever known.

Order the book that is changing lives around the world and give the gift of knowledge to family and friends.

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21 Reasons to Read The Baron Son:
Read Praise from Top Industry Leaders

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Superior Book Marketing Strategies for Big Profits
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FraserNet PowerNetworking Conference
The Wealth Mindset that Creates Millions
Friday, 2:00 - 3:30 PM EDT
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