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November 2008
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Wealth Secrets:
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Wins Again,
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2009 Web Awards

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The Baron Son continues to change lives around the world with the latest releases in Polish, Russian, and Korean.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week
Turn Your Passion into Wealth

Learn More About BARON Business and Wealth Coaching
William R. Patterson
Wealth Coach
Best-selling Author
Do you absolutely love what you do? Are you earning what you are worth? Do you own your time? Don't spend another 5-20 years worried about job security, a comfortable retirement, or working on things you are not passionate about.

As we approach Global Entrepreneurship Week, take a moment to think about your passion and how you can start building wealth through your own business.

Here are twenty-eight low-cost small and home-based businesses that you can start immediately.

Discover your million-dollar idea and use BARON Business Coaching to help you

  • Identify the most profitable market niche.
  • Determine the most appropriate strategies for financing your company.
  • Create a business plan that will attract investors.
  • Build business credit that does not require a personal guarantee.
  • Find sponsorship and grant opportunities.
  • Establish a national or international brand.
  • Create effective online and offline marketing campaigns.
  • Find new sources of revenue.
  • Automate your business.

Now is the time to pursue your dream!

Wealth Coach William R. Patterson on 1320 AM
Wealth Secrets:
How Rapidly Achieve Your
Entrepreneurial Dreams

Wealth Secrets: How Rapidly Achieve Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Wealth Coach and best-selling author William R. Patterson appears on WARL AM 1320 with Raven Blair Davis to discuss shares strategies to help you rapidly build your small business, generate multiple streams of income, and accelerate your path to wealth in any economic environment.

Wealth Coach William R. Patterson

This week's show topics:

  • What you should know before starting a small business in a recession
  • Best income generating businesses to start now
  • Major reasons people fail to build successful businesses and how to overcome those challenges
  • Best ways to build up the cash reserves required to weather a recession and grow your businesses
  • Disastrous mistakes small business owners make in a recession and how to avoid them
  • How small business owners can gain new customers and increase profitability during a recession
  • Five ways small business owners can use to create more reliable income streams during uncertain economic times

Wealth Coach William R. Patterson on 1580 AMListen Now!

BARON Web Business Teleseminars During
Global Entrepreneurship Week

$197 Value - Yours FREE to Attend!

Register for the FREE BARON Web Business Teleseminar events taking place November 17th and 20th.

FREE Internet Marketing Teleseminar with William R. Patterson!

If you have been struggling to build an online business that generates residual income, then clear your calendar. During Global Entrepreneurship Week, Wealth Coach William R. Patterson will share his secrets of success and show you what you need to do RIGHT NOW to start profiting online.

William R. Patterson runs over 30 Web sites and has created more than 150 products. He is winner of over ten Web awards for excellence including Best Business Advice Site and Best Wealth-Building Site.

Quickly Turn Your Product Line into a Fortune
Business Coach William R. Patterson - Global Entrepreneurship Week
Date: Monday, November 17th, 2008
Time: 1:00-2:00 PM EST | Price: Free

Space is Limited, Register Now!

Most people are sitting on an untapped goldmine and don't even know it. Using The Baron Solution™ turnkey approach, anyone can learn how to create a profitable product line from scratch. You will discover step-by-step how to get started, what products to sell, how to package your offerings for maximum profit, and the best places and strategies for marketing your products online and offline. No matter if you are an information marketer selling downloadable products or a traditional retailer selling physical goods, you will discover highly-effective ways to increase sales and boost your profits.

In this workshop, you will learn how to

  • Get started immediately with ten low-cost strategies for developing your own product line.
  • Determine the ideal product combinations for your audience.
  • Turn your product line into residual income streams.
  • Triple your income by creating a multiple purpose for your products.
  • Implement the seven critical elements of a "cash flow" generating Web site.
  • Sell more products using irresistible offers and multimedia campaigns.
  • Double your income with the right branding and positioning.
  • Dominate your market niche and increase your credibility and celebrity status.
  • Get other people to promote your products and services for free.
  • Cost-effectively distribute your products online and offline.

Register Now!

Maximum Profit Internet Business Strategies:
Smart Ways to Generate More Revenue and Increase Your ROI

Business Coach William R. Patterson - Global Entrepreneurship Week
Date: Thursday, November 20th, 2008
Time: 1:00-2:00 PM EST | Price: Free

Space is Limited, Register Now!

William R. Patterson shares how to start, fund, and grow a profitable online business that you can ultimately automate or sell. From product and service line development to marketing and the administrative side of operating a web business, you will discover what you need to develop, plan, and implement a high ROI business model.

In this workshop, you will learn how to

  • Implement the seven critical elements of a "cash flow" generating Web site.
  • Convert more prospects into customers with your Web site copy.
  • Find low-cost content, tools, and services to quickly and consistently drive traffic, increase page views, and expand your site.
  • Attract paid advertisers.
  • Increase your Google, Yahoo, and Alexa rankings.
  • Get others to promote your products and services for free.
  • Find the most profitable key words and manage email lists, affiliate programs, and traffic campaigns.
  • Make money on the internet even if you don't have your own product or service to sell.

Register Now!

Build Your Million-Dollar Business Four Times Faster with BARON Wealth Coaching

Wealth Coaching with The Baron

There is a better and faster way to reach your financial and business goals.

"With William as my wealth coach, in less than 16 months, I have generated more than $70,000 and developed the skills and confidence to realize greatness."
N. Kali Mincy
Washington, DC
"In our first 90-minute wealth coaching session, William helped me identify ten new streams of income that could triple my revenue in less than a year."
Merletta J. Martin
Merletta J. Martin Gallery

Seven Reasons More Entrepreneurs Choose
BARON Wealth & Business Coaching
  1. Delivers the most comprehensive, fully-integrated entrepreneurship training program in the industry.

  2. Increases your productivity while giving you more time off to spend with family and friends.

  3. The BARON integrated model offers you a higher return on investment and improved odds for long-term success compared to other entrepreneurship training programs.

  4. Provides you with a comprehensive sustaining support system which includes one-on-one guidance from industry experts and over 1,000 resources and accelerators.

  5. Saves you tens-of-thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in research and implementation time.

  6. Provides you with cutting-edge strategies, best-practices taught by industry leaders, and highly-effective marketing systems to generate more sales and income.

  7. Equips you with the proper coaching, planning, training, tools, and partnerships to become more profitable, stable, and better manage growth.

BARON Wealth Coaching can help you quadruple the speed at which you reach your business and financial goals over planning yourself or other methods and programs.

Leverage #1 Wealth Coach William R. Patterson to help you quickly start or improve the profits of your small business.

Multiply your odds for success with the proper coaching, planning, training, tools, and partnerships.

Request BARON Wealth Coaching Now:
I'm ready to be the next BARON success story! Wins Again,
Claiming Four 2009 Web Awards Wins Three 2009 Web Awards!

National best-selling author and wealth coach William R. Patterson is helping thousands of entrepreneurs and investors around the world build wealth with his BARON strategies for financial independence. continues its 2007 and 2008 winning streak, capturing four 2009 Black Web Awards:

  • Best Wealth-Building Site
  • Best Business Support, Advice and
    Development Site
  • Best Male Author Site
  • Best Lecturer, Speaker and Workshop Site

The Baron Solution™ coaching and training program is operating in one of the most difficult financial and political environments since the Great Depression. Yet Patterson and his team have been able to increase the revenues of clients twenty percent on average—and in some instances, double revenues in less than one year. Patterson achieves these results by applying The Baron Solution proprietary method, which includes over 250 business and financial accelerators. By helping clients scale their businesses, Patterson has also positioned them to raise millions of dollars in private equity and venture capital funding.

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Ask "The Baron" Question of The Week

Ask the Baron - Question of the Week One of my partners called me last night and was very excited about a program that he just started. He was expounding on the multiple streams of income created by affiliate programs, webinars, and personal branding. He mentioned bringing in the rest of his network marketing business partners to obtain the tools and coaching needed to brand themselves over the internet.

How will my training through the BARON Business Coaching Program differ from the onslaught of people who are now trying to brand themselves as well as the many others who have already done so successfully? I know there is plenty of room for everyone, but with the increased competition, will these strategies still yield the same traffic and results?
— Richard

William R. Patterson says:

The answer to your question, lies with one word—positioning.

Positioning is the perception of your product or business relative to competitors in the minds of customers and clients. Branding means very little without the right positioning. As an example, Coke had a dominant brand and their positioning was the "Classic." Pepsi wanted to take some of Coke's market share, so they positioned their cola as the "choice of the new generation." Pepsi wisely divided the market by making people choose between being "old school" (Coke) and being "new, hip, and fresh" (Pepsi).

Sure, there are tons of people trying to brand themselves, but there are very few who really understand the art of positioning and even fewer who have the skills and insight to turn their brand into a "self-propelled international movement." Positioning is like Jujitsu; if done right, it will allow you to use the time, money, and effort your competitors have spent developing their brands against them.

How to Use Branding and Positioning to Increase Your Income and Conversion

  • It is important to develop a unique brand that leverages your experience and back-story. To be effective, your concept and tagline should be strong, relevant, unique, and memorable. It should convey a unique selling proposition (USP), promise, and/or guarantee.

  • Research your competitors' taglines and core messaging. What do they communicate as a unique benefit, selling proposition, or guarantee to their audience? Your messaging should differentiate you and be as strong or stronger.

  • Ideally your brand and messaging should convey the end result of using your product or service.

  • You can make your brand stand out by:

    1. Targeting a niche market with your messaging
    2. Going in the opposite direction of your competitors (e.g. Coke vs. Pepsi – "The Classic" vs. "Choice of the New Generation" or Obama vs. McCain - "Change" vs. "Experience")
    3. Choosing a word or phrase that conveys industry dominance and makes current and future competitors look like subpar (e.g. Baron)

The BARON Business Coaching Program helps you identify the ideal branding and positioning strategy for your company relative to competitors. It also provides you with over 250 turnkey accelerators to promote your brand worldwide and build your million-dollar business up to four times faster than other methods and programs or planning yourself.

Submit Your Question Now!

Related Value Added Service:
BARON Business Coaching
Leverage the breakthrough BARON model in order to generate highly effective, low-cost media exposure for your business, help successfully brand and launch new products and services, head off competition, improve operating cash flow, automate processes, grow profits, and create an exit strategy for your business.

Give stocks as gifts!  By


Five Considerations Before Making Any
Financial Decision

Length: 2:04 Minutes

Overcoming the 3 Major Risks of Retirement Planning

Short Description:
Most people struggle financially because they attempt to build wealth with a linear approach—using one investment strategy, one portfolio, and one stream of income. To build significant wealth in a way that brings you greater freedom with each dollar made, you have to learn to manage multiple investment strategies, multiples portfolios, and multiple streams of income.

Wealth Coach William R. Patterson - The Baron Solution MinuteListen Now!

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Boost Your Confidence and Quickly
Improve Your Relationship with Money

The Baron Son is a revealing story designed as the ethical road map to wealth, power, and success. A legend from centuries past, it is the tale of a young boy who loses everything and through struggle finds the secret to become the richest, most powerful person the world has ever known.

Order the book that is changing lives around the world and give the gift of knowledge to family and friends.

Order THE BARON SON Combo Package!
Order The Baron Son Now!

21 Reasons to Read The Baron Son:
Read Praise from Top Industry Leaders

In the Media

William R. Patterson in the Media The Russian version of
The Baron Son is now available from Companion Group.
William R. Patterson in the Media The Korean version of
The Baron Son is now available from Smart Business Publishers.

NATIONWIDE - November 14th
Oral Buffet with Hussein Hill
Friday, 3:00 - 3:15 PM CST

CHICAGO, IL - November 16th
The Louie Jones Show
WCFJ AM 1470
Sunday, 3:30 - 3:45 PM CST

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Upcoming Events with William R. Patterson

NATIONWIDE - November 17th
Global Entrepreneurship Week
Workshop: How to Develop Your Own Product Line
Monday, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST
More Information:

NATIONWIDE - November 20th
Global Entrepreneurship Week
Workshop: Internet Business Strategies
Thursday, 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST
More Information:

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