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"Tis not one’s failings alone that produce self-mastery, but studying the causes of such failure, coupled with the persistent application of new methods."

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The Key to Happiness is...

By D. Marques Patton

...understanding Supreme Principal First: The Irresistible Force. As best stated by the character Tunde from The Baron Son, “One’s chosen mission and the will to bring it into existence comprise one’s irresistible force.” Happiness should arise from realizing that all that is left to do is decide on a goal and spend the majority of your time working toward that desired result. My co-authors and I chose this as the cornerstone Supreme Principal to be clear that having a mission is just step one and equally important is acting out that mission.

Whatever you realistically expect of the world around you is exactly what you will receive. In understanding how your expectation directly affects your environment, it would be wise to think highly of yourself and your situation at all times. Develop that glass-half-full mentality. Remember, the more energy you expend thinking negatively, the more time you will spend in the situation you predicted for yourself. Become a genuinely happy person. Physicians have proven daily laughter can have positive health benefits; improving blood flow, decreasing blood pressure, etc. We all know of the positive mental effects. You are your own fortuneteller, so use this power wisely. Successful individuals predict their achievements. Most of them spent countless hours honing their craft before their eventual success. Evidence that an idea alone will not see you through, unless the idea is to have the necessary burning desire associated with it in the first place.

What is important about being happy is the understanding that everything you need in this world is already contained within you. Your expectations bring about your lifestyle. The good things that dominate your thoughts typically play themselves out, as do the not so good things when the roles are reversed. You should be happy that your expectations are within your control. It should bring you joy that you are only limited by what you can imagine for yourself.

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