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In just 2 minutes, you can gain access to an instant library of knowledge from the world's most renowned experts on wealth-building, personal development, leadership, business, and success.


We have teamed up with Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, David Bach, and many other extraordinary experts and international bestselling authors to give you audio files, e-books, reports, and discounts valued at over $3,631. All these will be yours as a FREE bonus, if you do one thing in the next 72 hours.


As part of a special promotional campaign for the audio release our National Bestselling business and personal finance book, The Baron Son, you will receive an outstanding array of bonus material from many of the world’s greatest experts when you purchase our new audio CD for only $24.95.


Why are we doing this?


Quite simply, to draw your attention to something that is really important.


At one of our recent financial workshops, we asked how many people felt they had adequate savings for retirement. Only one in three raised their hands. This is the reality of millions of Americans forced to combat rising heath care costs, education expenses, and consumer prices.


In the midst of a volatile economy and an uncertain job market, it is our goal to empower you with the best strategies available to help ensure your personal, financial, and business success.


To this end, we have created The Baron Son: Vade Mecum 7, an allegorical tale designed as a road map to wealth, power, and success. A legend from centuries past, it is the account of a young boy who loses everything and through struggle, finds the secret to become the richest, most powerful person the world has ever known. The book reveals 11 Supreme Principles necessary for personal and business achievement, with each chapter detailing how the most prominent individuals establish and maintain their positions.


You may ask, “Why the subtitle Vade Mecum®, and what does it mean?”


A vade mecum is a guidebook kept constantly at hand. Literally translated from Latin, it means “go with me.”


And that’s exactly what The Baron Son is, a guidebook for navigating the hurdles and pitfalls of life, including the highly competitive and often perilous world of business and finance.





You will find details about your FREE gifts below, but first, here are some fantastic benefits you will receive just by reading The Baron Son. You will learn how to:


v      Leverage other people to help you create wealth


v      Boost productivity, income, and cash flow


v      Conquer the fears of rejection and loss to overcome adversity, enhance your image, and achieve prominence


v      Unleash the creativity within you and your organization to rise to a privileged level of distinction


v      Capitalize on hidden opportunities presented through failure


v      Achieve greatness with few resources


v      And much, much more!





The Baron Son has received praise from many top U.S. business leaders and financial advisors, and is a featured selection in the Book Club.


Tom Peters, who the Los Angeles Times calls the “father of the post-modern corporation,” says, "The Baron Son is remarkablea challenging and satisfying guide to success through inspired strategic leadership."


The Motley Fool® calls The Baron Son “…a great book for the MBA students who are preparing to run America's corporations.”


Bob Johnson, billionaire Founder and CEO of Black Entertainment Television, describes The Baron Son as “a breakthrough approach in relating leadership principles that have long served those in commanding roles.”


Joe Girard, the world’s number one retail salesperson as attested by the Guinness Book of World Records, says The Baron Son is “a great book to have if you are serious about furthering your career. I know what it takes to hit the top; this book is right on target. I love it, I love it."


Brian Tracy, an internationally respected authority on personal development who addresses more than 450,000 people each year and whose goal is to help the most number of people become millionaires, says, "We learn the most important lessons of life from stories and fables. The Baron Son carries this tradition to a new height."


Al Ries, world renowned marketing and branding expert says "as a road map to wealth, power, and success, The Baron Son is an allegorical tale that is as powerful in its own way as Who Moved My Cheese?"


And those are just a few of the many notable endorsements.


Now, on to the bonuses…


Through this offer, you will receive one of the most impressive collections of best-of-the-best advice ever compiled from the world's top success, financial, and business experts. You can invest several thousand dollars to get these bonus products separately or you can simply buy The Baron Son for only $24.95 and get them all for FREE, right now!




Buy The Baron Son today for only $24.95, and the following gifts worth over $3,631 are yours FREE:


Vicky Therese Davis, William R. Patterson, D. Marques Patton

($959.00 value)
Vicky Therese Davis, William R. Patterson, and D. Marques Patton are sales and strategic business consultants and co-authors of the acclaimed National Bestseller, The Baron Son. They have dedicated over a decade to researching peak performers and highly successful professionals, and condensed their findings into a comprehensive, productivity enhancing curriculum. Vicky, William, and Marques reveal tactics that have won countless executive distinctions, and share their unique perspectives and hard won wisdom about how money and human nature really work with these four great bonuses:


Bonus 1: The Baron SolutionTM Success Report - 6 article report from the Baron team including: “How to Succeed When You’re In Massive Debt,” “11 Rules for Selling to a Skeptic,” “How to Motivate Under-Performing Personnel,” “Finding the Right Business Partner,” “Powerful Ways to Thrive in the Midst of Change, Disappointment, and Failure,” “What to Do When You ‘Have It All’ and Still Aren’t Satisfied”  

Bonus 2: A Free subscription to The Baron Series™ Audio Newsletter. This audio newsletter is an invaluable companion to the The Baron Son. Its compelling lessons will help you build wealth, develop self-mastery, and enhance your leadership skills.

Bonus 3: A $750.00 discount off The Baron Solution five-week live teleseminar with Vicky Therese Davis, William R. Patterson, and D. Marques Patton. Learn their unique approach to building wealth through a small business. You will discover how to find your GREAT idea, finance your company, effectively market your products and services, and the best way to "cash out" of your business for the most amount of money.


Bonus 4: Five people will be selected to take part in a free two-month mentoring program.

Investor's Business Daily® ($19.98 value)
10 Free Issues of Investor's Business Daily - Plus, 2 free weeks of access to IBD™ Investing Tools on  If you lost money in the dot-com crash, or if you feel like you're just investing blindly, come discover IBD's time-tested approach to investing–an easy-to-follow, 7-step system that the American Association of Individual Investors calls "one of the top-performing approaches tracked by AAII, with an 849.1% cumulative gain since 1998."
*Offer available in the U.S. only. Subscribers within the last 6 months are not eligible.

David Bach ($500.00 value)

Free Telecoaching Call with Financial Guru David Bach! On this recorded telecoaching call, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author David Bach (The Automatic Millionaire, Start Late, Finish Rich) shares his plan for achieving financial freedom at any age. Learn his secrets and find out how you can Save More, Make More, Give Moreand most importantly, LIVE MORE!


Mark Victor Hansen (Life changing value)

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of the famed Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, has sold more than 90 million books in North America alone and has helped to create one of the most successful publishing franchises in America today. Mark now wants to share with you his powerful messages of possibility, opportunity, and action in his special report No Such Thing as Failure. Discover how to create greater success in your own life and business.


Jack Canfield ($19.00 value)

Get ready to transform yourself for success. Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the phenomenal bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, turns to the principles he’s studied, taught and lived for more than 30 years in this practical and inspiring bonus report that will help you get from where you are to where you want to be, based on his new bestselling book, The Success Principles.


Janet Switzer – ($29.00 value)

Janet Switzer, the New York Times Bestselling Co-author of The Success Principles with Jack Canfield, is one of America’s foremost authorities on generating small business revenue virtually overnight. Janet wants to share with you her ground-breaking new guide, “Instant Income.” Janet directs you to dozens of hidden profit centers in your business and tells you how to exploit what you’re already doing to generate new revenue in 30 days or less.


Sandy Forster – ($363.00 value)

Sandy Forster, Australia’s leading prosperity mentor and author of the International Bestseller How To Be Wildly Wealthy FAST! offers you the following powerful bonuses so you can create a life filled with abundance, prosperity, success, and happiness while enriching your body, mind, and spirit:


Bonus 1: ($97.00 value)
Instant access to a powerful audio on which Sandy shares the Secrets to Small Business Success and Prosperity.  Whether you are in direct sales, expanding your hobby, starting a networking venture or own your own business, discover how YOU can create the abundance, wealth, and success you desire with less effort and more FUN than ever before.

Bonus 2: ($247.00 value)
An empowering eight-week email training process called the Millionaire Money Game that will expand your prosperity consciousness forever and allow you to create more success and wealth in your life.

Bonus 3: ($19.00 value)
Instant access to an audio guided visualization that will raise your vibration and allow you to attract your heart's desires into your life.


Business Credit Services™ – (Priceless)

Business Credit Services teaches you the process for building and maintaining business credit without a personal credit check or guarantee. In the BCS “Building Business Credit” e-book, you will learn the first steps to separate your personal and business credit, how to build a positive business image for lenders, and how to obtain lines of credit for your business.

William Bronchick – ($49.00 value)

Attorney William Bronchick is a bestselling real estate author, entrepreneur, and speaker. He has been featured in Who's Who in American Business, Money Magazine, USA Today, CNN Money, the Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times. William has trained countless Americans to become financially successful and, more importantly, he shows people how to keep what they've earned. Today, he would like to share with you an audio download of his "Wealth Protection Secrets" and a special report revealing "Wealth Protection Secrets for Landlords and Real Estate Investors."

Frank Gallinelli – ($99.00 value)
Frank Gallinelli is the author of the Bestselling book What Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Know About Cash Flow... and Founder of, a leading provider of analysis software for real estate developers and investors. He has created an e-book specially for the readers of The Baron Son. This bonus e-book consists of a limited-time, fully-functional real estate analysis program, articles, a free real estate calculator, and a 10% discount on your choice of any one RealData software program (discount value up to $49.50).

1800Blue.Com Promotional Discount on Tele-seminar Series for Web Entrepreneurs – ($702.00 value)
Registration Comes with Free Web Entrepreneurs Power Tools & Strategies CD including: 

v      10 profit building e-books and 7 website traffic building e-books with either Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights or Giveaway Rights. PLUS, you get 9 free mini-website sales templates for selected products in the bundle.

v      "Insider Secret Strategies: A Road Map that Built an Eager Marketing Army of Entrepreneurs that Sold Products and Services to Over 100,000 New Customers."  (New MP3 audio)

v      "Discover if You Have a Hidden, Easy to Use Tool Already on Your Computer to Help You Easily Create a Great Looking Website."   (New MP3 audio)

v      "Quick, Low Cost Strategies to Help You Put Key Elements of Your Business on AutoPilot."   (New MP3 audio)

v      "30 Part Video Tutorial Shows Step-by-Step How to Use MS Word to Develop a Killer Website."   (New Video)

Rick Frishman – ($49.00 value)

Rick Frishman is the President of Planned TV Arts, one of America’s Top Publicists, and Co-author of Networking Magic. As a bonus gift he is giving you his entire “Million Dollar Rolodex!” With this list, you can have access to the resources that have promoted many books and businesses to the top of the lists and pay scale. Over 45 pages of amazing information and thousands of contacts.


Dr. Joe Vitale ($19.95 value)

Dr. Joe Vitale is one of the world's most powerful copywriters and marketing minds. He is the author of the International #1 Bestseller, The Attractor Factor, the #1 Bestselling e-book, Hypnotic Writing, and the #1 Bestselling Nightingale-Conant audio program, The Power of Outrageous Marketing. Dr. Vitale would now like to share with you his “Unspoken Marketing Secrets.”


Dr. Tony Marino ($19.95 value)

Dr. Tony Marino is offering you his bestselling investigative report, "Influencing People to Win Them Over." In this highly sought after investigative series, Tony reveals for you the scientifics and specifics of how to win the loyalty, trust, friendship, respect, and admiration of everyone you meet. You will discover exactly what it takes to ethically and skillfully influence and inspire others to maximize your potential in any person-to-person encounter. These skills are key to your success in any area of life! Dr. Marino's report will be your "secret ingredient" to growing and maintaining unlimited success in both your personal and online business relationships! You too may "master" these remarkable relationship building techniques in no time!


George McKenzie ($47.00 value)

George McKenzie’s “Inside Stuff: Fast Track to Free Publicity” will allow you to quickly attract positive newspaper, radio, and TV coverage that establishes you as an expert in your field and gets the media to start calling YOU instead of you calling THEM. Radio talk show host, George interviews radio, TV, and newspaper reporters in this one-hour digital audio program that includes a 65-page PDF transcript.


Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler ($97.00 value)

Dr. Ammon-Wexler reveals the REAL truth about how to achieve lasting financial success. This master consultant to a Presidential Commission and thousands of top executives worldwide reveals all. Get her $97.00 two-month prosperity course FREE!


Dr. Joseph Mercola (Priceless)

Dr. Joseph Mercola knows how important good health is to you and thinks every person should stay informed of all sides on the latest medical news and health information to enable you to discover how to prevent disease, optimize health and weight, and live longer. As a gift, he is sharing with you "The Near One-Hour Audio Interview with

Dr. Mercola."


David Riklan ($59.00 value)

David Riklan is Founder of and Author of Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives. He is offering you "Self Improvement 101: The 62 Essential Truths about Improving Your Life." David's six-part e-course covers 62 critical success skills, including: (1) The Seven Critical Keys to Goal Setting; (2) The 31 Absolutely Best Resources for Self Improvement; and (3) How to Immediately Determine Which of the Top 3 Learning Styles Will Work Best for You.


Dan Poynter  (Priceless)

Dan Poynter is known as the "Self-Publishing King." He's sold millions of his books, including several bestsellers, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue. Many of his books still sell at the rate of 10-20,000 copies per year, every year. He now reveals his “Secret List.”


Chris Widener ($189.00 value)

Chris Widener has shared the stage with U.S. Presidential candidates, nationally known television news anchors, bestselling authors, and professional athletes. He has spoken on motivation and leadership to groups at some of America's finest organizations, such as General Electric, Cisco Systems, and the Harvard Business School. Chris has written 350 articles and 5 books and has produced close to 30 audio programs on leadership and motivation. His articles appear monthly in close to 100 publications. Chris gives you “The Best Test.” Originally done for sales people of one of the largest corporations in the world, Chris has put this dynamic message on mp3 for you. What they paid thousands of dollars for, you can get for free today as a special thank you. You will find out what it takes to be the best. In this fast-paced, highly motivational message, Chris will challenge you to become an optimist, pursue excellence relentlessly, dream big dreams, and more.

Jim Rohn ($195.00 value)

Jim Rohn has helped motivate and train hundreds of executives from America’s top corporations. Jim has addressed over 6,000 audiences and 4 million people worldwide and is internationally hailed as one of the most influential thinkers of our time. Receive from Jim the free 67-minute MP3, "Building Your Network Marketing Business–The hottest single audio ever created in the Network Marketing Industry!"

Subjects include:

v      Awakening to the Opportunity

v      Profits Are Better Than Wages

v      The Magic of Part-Time

v      The Set of the Sail

v      The Law of Averages

v      The Law of Sowing & Reaping

v      Developing New Skills

v      Working Together: Let's Go Do It

v     Communication, Presentation & Testimonials

v      Determining Your Future & Living a Good Life


Jay Conrad Levinson ($99.00 value)

With 14 million copies of Guerrilla Marketing books sold worldwide, Jay Conrad Levinson is one of the foremost business marketing experts in the world. Small and large businesses alike have applied the principles of Guerrilla Marketing because of their simplicity, common sense, and record of being proven in action. Jay would like to share with you his special report, The Way of The Guerrilla.” 


Dan Janal ($24.95 value)

"How to Make $50,000 a Year Marketing Your Teleseminars" was written by Dan Janal, Founder of Great Teleseminars, the one-stop service center for all your teleseminar production needsfrom renting bridge lines to recording and editing sessions, to duplicating CDs and fulfilling orders. With Dan's e-book, you'll learn all the inside secrets to marketing your seminars so you get the highest number of sales at the best possible price to maximize your profits.

Steve Harrison ($37.00 value)

Steve Harrison is giving you his "Publicity and Publishing Strategies" e-book plus audio with an ex-Oprah producer to show you how to get on national TV. Would you like to be interviewed as a guest on top national TV shows like Oprah, Good Morning America, Fox News, and CNN? You'll discover how when you get the audio of “The Three Big Secrets for Getting on National TV," a 60-minute teleseminar with Steve Harrison, publisher of Radio-TV Interview Report and Book Marketing Update, and former Oprah producer Michelle Anton.

You'll also receive “Get FREE National Publicity and Sell Tons of Books (If You Have One),” an e-book valued at $37.00 containing select articles from Book Marketing Update newsletter. If you ever want to write a book, you'll find many insights for making your book a big success (maybe even a bestseller). However, even if you have no intention of writing a book, you'll learn innovative publicity and promotion strategies that can be used to sell more of almost anything.


Drew McLellan ($59.00 value)

Marketing expert Drew McLellan has lent his expertise to clients like Nabisco, IAMS, Kraft Foods, Meredith Publishing, John Deere, Iowa Health System, Make-A-Wish, University of Central Florida, SkiDoo, and a wide array of others. Drew offers his insights to help you avoid the costly “5 Marketing Mistakes.”


Terri Levine – ($54.98 value)
Terri Levine made the transition from senior executive to one of the top professional coaches in the industry, founded a leading coach's training school and has worked with clients from every walk of life. From her experience with private and corporate clients, Terri realized the principles used by professional coaches could be used by anyone who wanted to grow and reach his or her personal best. “Coaching for an Extraordinary Life" reveals how the principles of personal and professional coaching can improve your everyday life. "Coaching for an Extraordinary Life" is based on the same techniques that coaches use to bring productivity, balance, success, and stress-free living to their lives and those of their clients. “Career Options Within and Outside Your Profession” is an e-book that will help you define your needs, interests, skills, and aptitudes. It is packed with information and exercises to help you clarify your values, your job search, and your resume. Plus, it has sections on self-employment, education, networking, interviews, and much more.


Al Ries – (Priceless)

Al Ries is a legendary marketing strategist and the bestselling author (or co-author) of 11 books on marketing and branding. PR Week magazine named him one of the 100 most influential PR people of the 20th century. Now, he wants to share with you five of his timeless articles on marketing and a 20-page summary of his latest book, Origin of Brands. Discover a wealth of evolutionary ideas for improving your marketing efforts and launching new brands.


Stephen Pierce – (Priceless)

Stephen Pierce is a top strategic marketing advisor, innovation facilitator, author, and speaker. He provides strategies that make growing profits in your business a fast reality. Stephen discusses his rags-to-riches story and reveals the secrets to his success in this powerful interview with Mike Litman.


Dr. Rhoberta Shaler – ($30.40 value)

An excellent accompaniment to The Baron Son, this e-book, "Prevent Free Fall: Pack Your Own Parachute", gives practical, valuable insights and tips for clarifying the clutter in your thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. Dr. Shaler has condensed into simple, no-nonsense steps all that you need to do to immediately take charge of all areas of your life. Retail Value: $6.95

There’s more! Learn to successfully address conflict with an excerpt from her latest book, Wrestling Rhinos: Conquering Conflict in the Wilds of Work. In it, Dr. Shaler gives you the "Rules of Engagement for Difficult Conversations." Knowing these rules can make a huge difference when you want to handle a "Rhino" person or situation with competence and confidence. Dr. Shaler also includes a subscription to her monthly e-zine, The Rhino Wrestler. Retail Value: $12.95 (Well, really it has no price because it's not available to the general public.)

And as an additional bonus, you will receive an exclusive 20% off the already discounted Wrestling Rhinos Hybrid,
the e-book and paperback versions of Dr. Shaler's “instant business classic,” Wrestling Rhinos: Conquering Conflict in the Wilds of Work and one of our snappy Rhino Magnets. Retail Value: e-book: $14.95; paperback: $19.95; magnet: $2.99; total: $36.89—your price: $26.39 (+s/h).




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