Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wealth Coach William R. Patterson - Find Profit in Today’s Historic Financial Crisis

Wealth Coaching  - Learn More Now!Wealth Coach William R. Patterson appears on 1580 AM to discuss ways to profit and protect yourself in a recession.
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William provides a fresh, innovative road map to financial empowerment and debt-free living. Learn ways to save thousands of dollars with free BARON wealth-building resources.

This week's show topics:

  • The worst financial crisis since World War II according to former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan
  • The largest overhaul of the nation’s financial system since the “Great Depression” proposed by Treasury Secretary Paulson
  • The Fed bailout of major investment banks
  • Record high gas prices
  • Record high foreclosures
  • Spiking food prices
  • Resignation of HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson
  • Democratic Dodd-Frank Plan to provide as much as $300 billion to help borrowers at risk of foreclosure
William R. Patterson is CEO of The Baron Solution Group. He is an internationally recognized wealth coach and media expert who has been a featured guest on over 1,000 television and radio programs. William is an award-winning speaker and best-selling co-author of The Baron Son. He is also winner of three 2008 Web awards including Best Wealth-Building Site. His renowned BARON Wealth Coaching Program integrates over 200 business and financial accelerators and 500 wealth-building resources to help entrepreneurs rapidly achieve their goals. For information, visit

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